HAIRNT. During our many years of surfing the WWW we have came across many cool sites as well as other reputable sites that we have done business with. We would like to share those with you here along with some of our friends sites. Please visit them often and don't forget to say 'Hairnt" while you`re there !

Best painters in Maine !
Ninth Best stickers in the world !
The Jones Boys Band

…Well Hey! Perhaps this Hairnt thing isn’t so bad after all.

Welcome to HAIRNT.COM.Thanks for stopping by ! For the most 'jewel' experience, please view in Mozilla Firefox ! (not jewel in IE)

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Coming soon we will be adding new stuff such as an awesome Photo Gallery, Interactive Forums (can't wait for the 'Rat Race'), a Music Links page to listen to your favorites and ours, and much more Hairnt than your mind can hairnt-magine !

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